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I'm Chas! 19, going to school in Northeastern University in Boston. I'm studying chemical engineering, with minors in mathematics and materials science. I post politics, science, and a lot of random stuff. Feel free to say hi!

zero g problems #1


ooh so you want to go into space right? But sir have u considered that without the 9.81m/s^2 of relative gravitational acceleration, yo pancakes aint gonna rise DOE!!! I cant live with that. NOPE NOPE. screw space, tare it down and build an IHOP. 

Wouldn’t it still rise?  It might sort of puff out instead of rising the way it does on earth, but it would still be as fluffy, yeah?  The gasses would still be released and trapped in the liquid of the batter as it solidifies into a delicious breakfast joy.

zero g probs #2


stop and consider the plight of the lonely lava lamp. In the cold heartless world of micro gravity, your lava lamp will not be the glorious 70s throwback that it currently is, but will instead be a normal lamp with a large mass of lava at one end. Without the soft hand of gravity to create that “groovy” effect. Im not sure i could live with that. NOPE NOPE. throw space on the ground and build an IKEA 

Why would it cluster at one end?  Wouldn’t it form a sphere?  (Or maybe the surrounding oil would form a sphere and the lava would coat the outside, I’m not sure.)

So I grabbed six 7.62mm casings today on my way back from the sand pit.  Any thoughts on something interesting to do with them?

Anonymous asked: Are you in love with anybody right now?

Eeh, not really.

nathanielbuildsatesseract asked: I don't usually think of you as you I've just sorta layered my friend Spencer's face onto your personality and I get confused when you post selfies

That’s fair, I do the same thing to some people.