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I ordered Chinese food but apparently my order didn’t process, so no dinner for me tonight :(

So I’m currently playing The Stanley Parable and the narrator informed me that there was no more dialog recorded for the room I’m in and if I sit and wait nothing will happen, but given the nature of the game, I was convinced he was lying. So, I’ve been completely motionless for about 15 minutes now…

I no longer think he was lying. »








I think you commies are disgusting but I have better things to do than coming into your ask box and being an asshole. Just be nice, it’s not hard :)

"why doesn’t everyone else just see past my ignorant, hate…

You could have talked to me about it without being a complete asshole. That’s usually how normal people talk to each other.

It’s nowhere near utopia and yes, it has plenty of camps for people who have an opposing view or say something against the government. There are illustrations from people who have seen what happens in those camps. Hardly anyone has internet access. Citizens cannot freely leave the country. It’s one of those countries that doesn’t seem to have that middle ground of which you speak. 

I mean I can’t argue with such compelling evidence from someone who’s been there and has first hand experience and has talked to people who have been there and is a credited histori-

ah wait.

see yeah you’re not qualified to make such outrageous statements without solid evidence.

and by proxy you’re tone policing on such subject matter is laughable at best.

I have no business in claiming, even as a radical leftist, that they’re a utopia either (simply because I don’t know enough).

however, they certainly don’t treat black and brown people as second class citizens, they don’t colonise Latin America or Africa, they don’t destroy their environment, and they don’t put embargoes on countries they don’t like, single handedly destroying their economies and lowering their standard of living.

the grand ol’ US and UK sure do though…

Because I’ve never been there, no solid evidence exists? Do you even realize how moronic you are?

Yeah, we should just accept Hitler because none of us were alive to see his evil. Your argument is one of a fool. Not to mention that it is misinformed. What is your source on the environment there? Some anon troll? The environment in North Korea is in a state of collapse due to over farming, over use of wood as fuel, excessive coal burning, and water contamination. Not to mention the lack of livestock entirely because there are no fields left to graze.

You criticize people for speaking without knowledge or however you so stupidly put it, then do the same yourself. I’d rebut your other points but it is a waste of time to argue with someone so utterly ignorant. I know my responses will fall on deaf ears.

edmundmichael asked: North Korea apologists? Is this real life? I want to laugh and scream at the same time.


Any dictator apologists! Who in their right mind could defend a place like North Korea or any country in a strict police state? With a violent dictator? 

These little kiddies replying to my “send the commies to NK” post with “yeah I wanna go!” have no clue what they’re in for. I’m fine with liberals but I just can’t understand the logic behind people who think North Korea or the old Soviet Union is utopia. Just… how? How can they be so blind? And they have the audacity to call me stupid. You might not agree with capitalism like me, but you’ve got to admit that it’s a hell of a lot better than a country that sends its citizens to death camps for showing displeasure with the dictator. 

Anonymous asked: Republicans and christians are destroyers. It is incredibly rude to label Muslims that way though. Those people are constantly picked on and degraded. We should be accepting their culture, not ridiculing it. I think most of the ills we accuse the middle east of are just right wing propaganda pushed by racists anyways. The GOP and god freaks are the real murderers in society.


jesus christ you are a piece of work 

Anonymous asked: I'm no troll. I do not see north koreans wrecking the o zone, killing animals, running car exhaust, tearing down forests. They get it. They also treat all their people equally. No wealthy people running though show. All are equal. How can you deny that?


"They also treat their people equally" you are making my heart rate rise. That is the most disgusting thing anyone’s ever said to me and it makes me kinda sick to my stomach that someone like you is even on my blog.

“People think what’s in the US today is capitalism. It’s not even close to capitalism. Capitalism doesn’t have a central bank, capitalism doesn’t have taxes, it doesn’t have regulations; capitalism is just voluntary transactions. What they have in the US today I call crapitalism. But it’s sad that so many people are confused and they think, ‘Oh that’s free markets in the US’, when it’s one of the least free market countries on earth.”

Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante
(via tuckfheman)

To be fair, I think we actually rank somewhere around 12th-16th freest nation. So, nothing close to laissez-faire, but certainly not the freest nation.

(Also, I find the terms cronie-capitalism and corporateism to be appropriate.)